Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Revolution Race Report

It was a big night and the stands were 90% full.  Over 4,000 people in attendance.

Like any good track race the night was full of entertainment starting with Santa and his Elves.  There were three elves riding a pace line to start the night.  Because of the time I have spent with the local clubs in town, I knew two of the elves.  I showed a picture of one of them in a previous post... with the crazy cool skin suit and the smallest track bike you have ever seen.

There was also shooting fire things on the back straight like you would see at a concert.  There was famous old footie players (like our John Elway types) racing each other.  There was Robbie McEwen and Baden Cooke as madison partners.  The entertainment factor was high.

Here is a shot of the stands at the beginning of the night.  What you don't see is an additional 400+ people in the infield with dinner tables, food, and drinks.  

Race Report-
There were 4 women's races- scratch, points, keirin, and sprints.  I had originally entered all 4 until I saw the start lists and the schedule.  It was back to back races and none of the other competitors were during both endurance and sprint, naturally.  So, I opted out of the points race but still really wanted to do the scratch.
The scratch was first.  The field was strong- Belinda Goss, Rochelle Gilmore, Megan Dunn, Tiffany Cromwell, Tess Downing, etc.  I was real smart about positioning and not getting caught chasing the one big attack.  With 2 laps to go I was 2nd wheel.  Going into the last lap I started to make my move at the same time Dunn was making her move.  She comes down on my front wheel and I hesitate... it was that or crash.  I lost momentum right then.  Bike throw for 2nd and I lost.  So, I ended 3rd.  Not bad for my first international/big endurance event.
The sprints were IMMEDIATELY after the scratch with only a junior kilo event in between.  It was a 3 up sprint and only 1 made it to the finals.  Kaarle McCulloch beat me.  I was 2nd but that didn't matter much... sprints were now over for me.  Bummer.  I was smart about positioning and making the right move but my legs didn't have the jump they needed to beat this world class sprinter.
The keirin was the last event for me.  7 of us- no rounds, just finals.  I take the motor and have the confidence and game plan I need.  Motor pulls off and I take the speed up watching over my shoulder.  Here they come, I am getting ready... CRASH!  5 out of 7 riders go down.  I guess I was lucky to be in the front.  Race called off.  We restart after the men's keirin with 6 riders.  I take the motor again and have the same plan.  I controlled the front and ramped the speed.  With one lap to go Kaarle (Australian) and Fatehah (Malaysian) are making their move.  I see it coming and try to hold them on my hip.  They come around and I take 3rd.
So, two 3rd place finishes and I can end the night with a smile.  I learned a ton and had some fun!
I hope to have some action shots from Cycling News soon.

Here I am with Clint, the race promoter and my host house.

More racing this weekend- Victorian State Champs.  Later!


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