Monday, February 8, 2010

China in Pictures

I left for China from LA after track camp.

Over Siberia. Not much exists here but it was beautiful.

Landing in Beijing. Yes, there is a city under that pollution. Blue. Brown. Almost a line you could draw.

From outside of Laoshan velodrome. We had to go through security everyday although I don't think the X-ray machine actually worked. Just a way to employ people.

From inside the velodrome. Sweet place with radiant heating. Until they turned the heat on you could see pollution hanging at the top towards the ceiling. The heat pushed it out.

Don't know why I take pictures of my bike every where I go. Maybe because I LOVE my Tiemeyer like its my baby!

We stayed "on complex" at the velodrome which means we could walk back and forth to the Athletes Hotel. Logistically a dream. It was also the same area that the Olympic mountain bike course exists and the Olympic BMX course. I couldn't enter the BMX course but there was a billboard outside. The mtn. bike course was visible from my hotel window but because of snow, you couldn't really see it in pictures.

From the street, entering the cycling area.

Saw some old friends. Everyone misses Des!

My dad stopped over in Beijing to say hello. He is a United pilot and arranged his schedule to be there at the same time. Perfect time for me to be with family... I needed it!

Did some sightseeing with the Canadian girls (and Stephan) the day after the racing ended.

I was in Beijing in 2002 and there were a lot more bikes/less cars then there is now. Disturbing evolution. Still, many more bikes then you see in major cities in the US.

My dad took me shopping to the secret places that airline crew go... back alleys, hidden doors, secret knocks. Not kidding. But, I did spend some money and come home with some loot.

I need some of these glove things for my bike.

We were all exhausted by the end of this trip. For me, this was the end of my season and I think I slept for the next full week. Straight. Clay, well, he couldn't wait. He slept right there in the infield.

More to post... this is for today!

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Bullseye said...

Awesome pictures. Thanks for sharing.