Monday, October 19, 2009

Bikes and Dikes

Travel was somewhat flawless except that my bike didn’t show up on the same schedule.Luckily it has shown up and all is good. This is why 1) you always travel one day earlier then you think you need to, and 2) you always carry on your shoes, pedals, and helmet. You can always borrow a bike!

The first 24 hours and my sleeping patterns were all kinds of messed up. I followed all the rules but the body didn’t cooperate. I am writing this now, after 2 nights here, and I think I am all set. I slept 10 hours last night thanks to the help of my friend Advil PM.

To recap the first 2 days here, I will just show some pictures in no particular order because internet is paid by the minute and I don't want to waste time!

Bicycle parking deck. Everyone rides here!

Waterways everywhere. The city is below sea level.
Love small Euro streets. Don't need big ones when there aren't SUVs!
This is the bicycle parking deck from a distance. 2.5 stories of bicycle parking.
Eva, my Dutch madison partner, standing next to the track. 48 degrees I think.
Eva in the cabin area. Each madison partner is given a cabin. This is the only area in the infield for cyclists. The rest is for paying customers. Oh, women are not given cabins. We are relegated to the locker rooms outside the infield of the track.
Name tags above the cabins. Bos!
Our sponsor for this week of racing.
Every velodrome needs a bar in the infield.

Now, it’s the morning of the first day of racing. Tonight will be a show! For people who don’t know 6-day racing, I like to describe it like boxing in Las Vegas… its all about entertainment. The big names are here and the promoter expects everyone to put on a show. Don’t get me wrong, the racing will be tough. But, it will be fun too!

A couple random thoughts-

- Dutch people are incredibly nice. All of them.

- I am actually enjoying instant coffee. I brought my press but haven’t used it yet.

- My Swiss roommate and I can hardly communicate.

- Internet is not the same as in the US.

- Live cycling on TV!

- The manager of the velodrome wore a Uni of Colorado jacket yesterday in honor of me/them. I still can’t believe they won.

- Congrats to Lorraine Jarvis!!!! Masters World Champion in the 500m. So proud!

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