Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sweet Victory

Ok, I didn't want to admit it before racing, but the event last night, the Omnium, was the one I really wanted to win. I needed to win it. 5 events in 6 hours. Long night.

On the international scene, this is the event where I can be competitive. I had to win it here at Nationals to prove it to myself and others.

The race starts with a 200m time trial, the a scratch race, then a 2k pursuit, then a points race, and then a 500m time trial. For those who don't know much about track cycling, this is similar to the pentathlon in track and field. It determines the best all-around track cyclist.

200m- 1st place
Scratch- 1st place
Pursuit- 2nd place
Points- 4th place
500m- 1st place

My biggest supporter! I think he was more exhausted then me and he has to race today too.
Podium: Christen King 5th, Anna Lang 4th, Heather Jackson 3rd, Theresa Cliff-Ryan 2nd, Cari Higgins 1st. That was some tough competition!
Christen and I strutting the PROMAN stuff. This girl killed it in the points race!
Today is the 500m and Team Pursuit. Greg races the Scratch race.


T Hizzle said...

Great job, cuz!

Anonymous said...

YEEEAAAAAA!!! Great job! Those stars and stripes on your jersey look pretty darn good! Better get used to it! Hope you can get some good rest before putting them on again! Megan

Mrs. Sully said...

Hey Cari -

You are my hero. Nice work, girl!! Congratulations!!!