Thursday, March 4, 2010

2010: Building towards the future!

Like the London Velodrome, this year is all about building towards 2012!

Lots of it starts with lifting steel and other heavy stuff in the (new Boulder) gym...I love being a "gym rat" and can't wait to get back to lifting REALLY heavy stuff and not this "I'm just getting back in the gym" weight!
A successful season has mainly to do with your own effort, but you can't overlook your team! Nicola Cranmer has put together a great trade team this season as Team Twenty 12/Peanut Butter & Co...below is the new vest from our kits (testing out top secret fabrics here in Colorado)! I have also added a new coach to my personal team with the addition of Neal Henderson. He joins my other coaches Mark Tyson and Jon Carlock of the USOC (and my husband!) as my core group.

With all the hard work and training, this year I will also be putting a big emphasis on rest and recovery...a often overlooked, but very important part of training! Looking forward to lots of time taking naps and drinking coffee in my SKINS!
This is my sweet Rottweiler, Elke...aka Moochie!

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