Friday, March 19, 2010

TBC and More

Sunday was the circuit race and the last race of the Tucson Bicycle Classic. It was 35 miles on a hilly course, 7 laps. My goal was to work hard no matter how I ended up. I just needed and wanted a job. So, my friend Greta and I said that we would attack and counterattack each other starting on lap 3. We did and it was fun and so much more challenging. I also gave myself other little jobs during the race just to practice some things and get a good workout.

As it ended, I was pooped at the end of the race. I took 3rd place but was way more excited to walk away from a fun race!

Since then, I have been in Tucson training and hanging with the family. My grandmother, uncle, aunt, cousins live here and my mom came out to visit from ATL while I am here. Good times :)

So... this week has been full of training, cooking with the family, sleeping (!!!), helping the grandma with house projects, shopping, and soaking up the sun.

We went to the Rockies Spring Training game on St. Patty's Day.
Saw these cool kids on a too-cool bike set-up.

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