Monday, February 28, 2011

2 random & fun things

I know, I know... I owe you pictures and a race report from the Manchester World Cup. Don't worry, as soon as you forget about it, I will post something.
Right now I am in Mill Valley, CA at Peanut Butter & Co TWENTY 12 Team Camp... worthy of 5 blog posts a day. That is the product of the problem... I don't have time to post!

So, here are my two quick/fun/random things for today:

Erin, my neice, posted the fastest Super G time in her age group... even beating the boys! I am hoping that one day she teaches me to ski and doesn't laugh.

Second, the posse in Blaine, MN who run the Fixed Gear Classic did a great promo video. Check it out by clicking on this sentence (I need to explain these things to some family members.)

If you have never raced this velodrome, you are missing out. No, not like "you are missing out if you have never race Alpenrose." It's an entirely different kind of "missing out." Smooth, 250m, outdoor, not as many tattoos or piercings.... you get it.

Last year I pulled off winning both the endurance and the sprint omniums. That was a TON of racing in 3 days. This year... who knows?!?

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