Sunday, August 28, 2011


That was my last week of travel. Looks rough with the number of cities but take a closer look. Aspen? Vail? Boulder? Life is sweet!

I left Boulder to spend some days in Colorado Springs to race.... er, I mean watch some really sweet track racing, Winslow BMW Sprint Grand Prix. World class!

I drove over to Aspen to race the Aspen Women's Stage Race for 3 days. That altitude put a hurt on me. I can't imagine how the girls from sea level felt. It was a successful race for the team- KArmstrong winning the overall and KMac winning the Best Colorado Rider. Some serious beautiful days and nights in Aspen and lots of work to be done for the team off the bike each day. Exhausted but totally excited! (announcements coming soon)

The view from lunch one day in Aspen after the race. Makes me smile.
KMac and O-Wow on a ride in Carbodale pre-race.

From Aspen, I drove to Vail to meet Greg, Nick, and Megan. I know, rough life! Aspen.... Vail... can you pass the Dom please? Thanks to Nick and Megan, we all stayed at the Ritz in Vail for 2 nights. The four of us enjoyed watching some bike racing, riding our own bikes, drinking some wine, eating some good food, and relaxing.

The Pro Cycling Challenge TT started in the Vail Village.
The town was cycling crazy.
Greg and I watching... in the shade!
Nick and Megan making very important business decisions at the Ritz poolside. Seriously, they were.
Greg and I ran into our friends Jon and Beth in the Avon/Beaver Creek area watching some more Pro Cycling Challenge racing. In 2 days, I randomly saw them 3 times.

Home for 8 hours, 5 of which were sleep, and then back to Colorado Springs for some track training. Oh ya, I was tired when I got home last night! After a tough ride with some girlfriends this morning, I am stuck on the couch. The week finally caught up to me and I am ready for my rest day tomorrow! Oh wait, I still need to go to the gym today. Then I can start my resting.


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