Saturday, August 20, 2011

Yes, I exist.

Usually when I don't keep up with my blog, it is because I don't have anything worthy of bothering you with. My ego is smaller then most bloggers and I tend to underestimate the excitement of my life.

Not so true these days. This summer has been particularly exciting!

Last I updated was June. I hate even admitting that. The couple subtle reminder emails I have received from friends and family has inspired me once again to write.

So, the quick recap:

I ended up 2nd in The Tour of America's Dairyland which was a 10 day Omnium style race. Racing with no teammates and only losing to the legend, Laura Van Gilder. Yes, I was happy with that! Great experience traveling with my friend Jen Triplett too!

From there I went into coaching mode and loved the whole experience. Thanks to USA Cycling for giving me the opportunity to mentor and coach some wonderful 16-18 year olds. Parents- if you want your kids to have a good shot at being quality, classy, respectful young adults, put them in sports!

That was 1 week in Indianapolis, IN (my birthplace) and 1 week in Frisco, TX at Junior Nationals.

One week at home to recover from the WI-IN-TX trip and prepare to leave for Bend, OR to join my team in the Cascade Classic Stage Race. Yes, for those of you who understand cycling, this was a hilly stage race. Doesn't much sound like me? True. It doesn't. The truth must be told- I enjoyed every second of it (well, minus the last road race day) and would do it again in an instant. Racing with my teammates was inspiring! Typically I would have some advantage living in high-altitude Boulder and training in the mountains. But, my month of June at sea level and flat lands put me in the same boat as everyone else. Ouch!

That tough week was followed by a rest week and Greg and I took off for the cabin in Yellowstone. Thank you Rich! This is our secret little retreat cabin. Ha! I said "our" retreat. This is funny since Greg has been escaping here for the last 25 years of his life to meet up with his brother from Montana. So, really, it's the dude's cabin and I only get invited about every 5 years or so. :) Those couple days I didn't do much of anything except.... sleep, read, eat, love on the dog, and shoot some guns. We did see a bear this time around!

We arrived home and the "Mom-a-thon 2011" started the next day. My mom and Greg's mom for 10 days! Perfect timing for my mom to get in town since I promptly got sick. Everyone needs their mom around when they are stuck on the couch for 4 days! I got something called BPPV- Benign Paraoxymal Positional Vertigo. Basically, I couldn't stand or sit without getting dizzy and having nausea. Really, no fun. It just added a couple days onto my rest week but really dampened the fun I had schedule with the Mom-a-thon. Thanks Mom! I owe you.

That brings us to August:

Training and sleeping at home has been AWESOME! I still love Colorado and feel so rejuvenated when I am home.

This weekend I am down in Colorado Springs watching some high level sprint racing at the velodrome. Tomorrow I head up to Aspen for a 3-day stage race with my team. Then, I will stay a couple days in Vail to watch the men's Pro Challenge which is all week in CO. Updates WILL follow!

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Julie said...

Sounds very busy. Great update. Have a great time with all the goings on in CO this month.