Sunday, November 16, 2008


It has been a couple days since I got to Melbourne.  The internet where I am living is super slow and makes blogging impossible. 

I will catch you up on the trip so far-

First, the flight was long... of course.  But, I got Business Class.  NICE!  That actually made the trip enjoyable.  14 hours and I slept about 10 hours.  That was my first time in the upstairs part of a 747.

This is all I saw of Sydney.  This city looks super cool and I want to one day make it here.  I don't think it will happen this trip but one day.
Commercialism is alive and well in the Sydney airport.  No recession here!  People were spending cash on jewelry, liquor... everything.  I was debating whether to spend $5 on a coffee.
All went well with the custom officers except they made me unpack EVERYTHING and repack it.  Seriously, they are strict.  Apparently their big fear is seeds or plants from another country.  Forget smuggled drugs.  They want to make sure I didn't bring kudzu in from the States.  So, as soon as they saw I had bikes, they wanted to make sure there was no dirt on them.  They opened my bike box and leaves fell out everywhere.  Out came the vacuum and 4 more officers.  That added a nice hour on the LONG day.

I rented the car and somehow found my way to Clare's house.  Clare is an old teammate who's family lives in Melbourne.  I will be staying with her a couple days until my new teammate and manager get to town.  

In this big Greek family and in this big Greek house live two birds.  These birds are the most spoiled animals ever... way worse then Elke, my sweet Rottweiler.  Here are Clare and her birds.
Greeks like to eat.  Clare's mom is afraid that I am going to starve and makes crazy amounts of food everyday.  They say this is normal and I am not complaining.... YUMMY!  Spanakopita is one of my favorite Greek dishes.  This is for you Stratos!

All is good so far with training so far.  I am adjusted to the time and sleeping well.

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