Sunday, November 30, 2008

Getting Around

The first two weeks of my experience in Australia was by car and bike.  Driving on the left side of the road was a challenge but I mastered it. 
Now that  Shelly and Nicola are gone, I have no rental car.  My new host house has a car I have access to but I have taken on a new challenge... public transportation.
The train/tram/bus system here is awesome!  I have not heard one positive thing out of the locals when it comes to the trains but I don't really get what their complaints are yet. Obviously they have been spoiled.  I come from the US where good public transportation exists rarely- Chicago, NY, Portland, etc.  Even then, the options are limited in those cities.

For $47/week or $161/month, I can have unlimited access to the whole system including the routes to all the suburbs.  It is less expensive if I were to choose only the inner-city trains... but Clare and Kate are in the burbs and I think I will visit every now and then for a home cooked meal by Clare's mom!  There are daily and hourly rates as well.
The cool part is just how easy and convenient the whole thing is.  The train station in my little area of town is 2 blocks from my house.  I can bring my bike on the train and go anywhere.

So, my challenge for the next 3 weeks is to use only public transportation and not give into driving the extra car in the driveway... calling my name. No, really, I think this is a good challenge!  I will keep you posted.  Tomorrow is my first real test because I am taking the train all the way to the other side of the city to the town where the training velodrome is.  Crossing my fingers it is as easy as it seems!

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