Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Real Friends

No, I am not referring to the French team that I shared track time with a couple days ago.  Mainly I don't refer to them as friends because they never spoke to me.  One girl... on a bike... the only other person on the track.  They have about 6-7 guys and we never managed to speak words.

I am talking about Shelly and Nicola.  They arrived!  Life is so much better!  For those who don't know, Nicola is the owner and manager of PROMAN Professional Cycling Team who I am so glad to be racing for.  Shelley is the hot thing that kicks some speed in the endurance races.  www.proman-paradigm.blogspot.com  and www.shelleyolds.com

Yesterday I picked these two up from the airport and we headed down to our host house in Sandringham.  We are a block from the beach and in the coolest area.  We all went out for a spin, made some dinner, watched some footie, and went to bed.  
What is footie?  You silly Americans... don't you know?  It is the coolest sport ever!  A bit of rugby, some soccer, some football, some hockey body checks, some basketball jump balls... and it goes on.  These guys are athletes.  Apparently we are staying in the parents of the "Peyton Manning" of footie (or Aussie Rules Football.)  I thought I was sleeping in a room full of kids' trophies, medals, mounted jerserys, etc.  Um, no.  Those are League MVP trophies and such.  This Judd guy is an athlete!

Today we spent some time at the track.  Tomorrow is the first day of competition.  It is funny how different my workout is compared to Shelly (sprinter vs. endurance.)  She laughs at my short efforts... I laugh at her long ones.  Either way, we are both ready for tomorrow!


Paola said...

Cari, wow!! really wow!! I'm so happy for you that you are doing what you love and bein so happy doin it, and the best part is that you have two good friends there to share it with. I was reading your blog and it is really cool me liky jijijijijiji I wish you all the best in the racing and I really hope we can see each other in Colombia!!! Miss you alot Cari :) take care, a huge hugg from Guatemala

Mande said...

It's Sunday. Where's the post?? And pictures.

~kimmy a.k.a Kimberly Nuffer said...

wow -- i found your blog (via Renee's blog)! way to give in to the blogosphere! ;-) will be good to keep up w/ your bike racing life via the blog instead of hunting around on cyclingnews. xox kimberly