Tuesday, January 17, 2012

All Pumps are Back Together

For the past several months, Greg has constantly been asking questions like, "Hey, have you seen the Specialized bike pump?" "Do you know where my yoga mat is?" Illusively, I never fully answered his questions.

But, last night, I pulled the car back into the driveway here in Boulder. All my belongings (and Greg's) are happily residing in one city. The bike pump, his yoga mat, all my bikes, all my skinsuits, all my toiletries, all my wheels, etc... all back in Boulder where they belong. It's not the stuff or the things that matter. It's the feeling on being settled.

It's the same as last winter, I left my car in LA for the season. As you might know, it is impossible to live in LA without a car. Granted, when traveling with the National Team our primary transportation is taken care of but having my own car means I have a little freedom and go somewhere besides the velodrome and Trader Joe's. But, since I won't be living in LA anymore this winter, it was time to bring it all back. Not to say I won't be back but it won't be for weeks/months on end.

The wagon was packed literally to the ceiling and the drive was as long as I remembered it from October. Listening to the "Hunger Games" made it tolerable and, once again, the second I saw the Rockies I fell in love all over.

It's almost the same routine every time I come home after a long trip: the next morning I wake up and start cleaning (it's no reflection on Greg but it's just how I 'nest'), I visit the post office (and that is a reflection of something Greg doesn't do), I go grocery shopping (no matter how long I'm gone, Greg doesn't go), and then... I go get my massage.

All the routine things that make me so happy to be home... in Boulder... with Greg... with Elke. Back to wearing fleece jackets even to the nicest of restaurants. Back to wondering what the manic weather is going to do, not tomorrow but in the next 30 minutes. Back to trying to fit a full social life into the handful of days I'm home and limited energy my body gives.

Oh, one random thing I learned this morning while cleaning and nesting. You CAN opt out of receiving yellow pages! Wow, big news I know. But, this has seriously bugged me for years. What a waste of resources- paper, human, etc.

Listening to a little Crosby, Stills, and Nash on Greg's new record player. How could I not be a good mood this morning?

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