Sunday, January 15, 2012

Kicking off 2012!

What better way to do it but with a training camp in LA?!? If it sounds like I do this a lot... well, I do.

This particular LA camp was more of the same.... and slightly different for a couple reasons.

One treat was getting to see one of my favorite people- DeNelle or DeNeNe. College teammate, exercise nut, nutritional no-it-all, corporate smartie pants, true blond, and best friend who is always good for a full body laugh or two.
I got to watch my team- University of Alabama win a National Championship! You can tell my teammates were WAY into the game too. ha! Definitely not the same as watching with football fans but at least I got to watch it.
Under peer pressure, I got my nails painted. But not just classy painted nails... I went ghetto. Ghetto mixed with a little patriotic spirit. This was a trial run for some big races coming up!
Some things don't change... Vigo and his leg rubs.
Beautiful sunsets I get to see on my recovery rides. Let's hear it for 70 degree days in January!
On this particular ride and about 2 hours after this picture was taken, I was saved by that banana in Max's pocket.

Whenever I pack for a training camp, I am optimistic with all that I can accomplish in my downtime. I bring multiple books, plan iPhoto projects, think about all my friends in the LA area I would like to see (Garrett, Sarah, Suzanne, Uncle Jim, etc.), and plan for at least one day lying on the beach. The reality is completely opposite of the plan. I am brain dead, have no energy to be social, and, in general, not much free time for anything outside of recovering. But, that is what hard work requires... hard rest. I have gotten my graduate degree in recovery... still working on that PhD.

In a couple hours, I go back to the track for our last session of this 2 week camp. Rally cap! Tomorrow morning I will sleep in and, after LA traffic, start the journey home to Colorado. I will be brining my car back and I can't wait to see the Rockies!

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Jennifer Triplett said...

The Rockies can't wait to see you! Safe travels.