Thursday, January 19, 2012

Windy City?

Anybody who's ever lived in Boulder over the winter questions why we are call the Windy City. Gusts up to 95 mph overnight. Rooftops shredded, sheds in pieces, trees down... and it barely makes local news. If they had these same winds in Florida, they would call it a hurricane. If they had these same winds in Oklahoma, someone who "see" a funnel cloud and call it a tornado. If they had these same winds in Kansa, they would call it Kansas.

Anyway... I ran into a friend today who had a funny memory. When Jill and I both were new to bikes, we rode together. In a naive moment, we were lured to our bikes one January because of the 60+ degree sunny skies. This is how Mother Nature continues to trick us here in Boulder... "Come here little cyclists, I give you sun... and wind! Bwahhahhhahahha!" Well, a couple hours into our ride together, we had a MAYDAY moment. The winds became so out of control that riding was not an option for the real threat of being blown over. Standing holding our bikes was not an option because they were blowing parallel to the ground. We took cover in the ditch with our bikes until a nice driver saw us and stopped to offer us a ride home. The driver was clearly doing rounds picking up runners who were also abandoning their workouts. The car was pretty full. Jill jumps in with no hesitation and I claim that I'll just ride home. There wasn't room in the car and it was no big deal. Her statement today: "I should have known you would make it to this level in the sport being that competitive and driven."

Thanks for the memory Jill and thanks for the compliment! One day our bikes... or running shoes... or skis... or wine glasses...or dogs (hurry up and get one!)... will meet again. Soon.


Anonymous said...

Where is your helmet?

Cari Higgins said...

photo shoot riding the trainer :)