Monday, May 31, 2010

Oh my!

I am LAME. That requires a capital L.A.M.E.

It all started when I traveled to Mexico and did the experimental iPad thing. Yes, I left the trusty MacBookBigSomething at home and went for the won't-throw-out-your-shoulder-iPad. It seems the lack of experience typing on that thing hindered my ability to blog.

Oh, wait... yes, I have been back now for 2 weeks and yes, exciting things have been happening. I don't really have an excuse other then to say I am LAME but back on board.

Lots of fun events in Boulder this weekend.... check back tomorrow for the full report! This is a test. I must earn your trust back by telling you I will blog and then following up with a non-lame blog.

Cheers and happy Memorial Day!