Friday, November 16, 2012

Wee bit dank

After a bad experience with some food sickness at the Columbia UCI Track World Cup (that didn't warrant any blog!), I continued my 2012 season to include the UCI Track World Cup here in Glasgow, Scotland.  

Besides the excitement of racing, there is a buzz in the air because of the beautiful new facility that everybody is seeing for the first time.  Welcome to the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome!  I haven't yet caught a picture from the outside because of rain but here are a couple shots from the inside.

Lockers under the velodrome for the local, club riders.  Nice!
 The building is enormous and houses several other indoor sports.  Here is a shot of some basketball courts which are surrounded by a indoor track.  I here there is a gymnastics facility also.  Upstairs is a fitness club with glass windows that overlook the velodrome.  I would pay good money to belong to this club if I lived in Glasgow.
 First day at the velodrome and the sponsors' signs weren't yet painted.  It's shaped much like a cigar.  So much so that the start/finish line is inside of turn 1.  Sprinters track?  I don't know.  But, I think there was a sprinter involved in this design!

I am positive that this message was intended for specific nationals teams... like maybe the Japanese.  I wonder if they are going to have enforcement?
 The USA team mechanic, coach, manager, soigneur (not massage!), and generally good guy.... Ben Sharp.  Oh, wait, you can't see him because he is working on my bike!  Well then, take a look at that sweet Felt TK1 with Zipp Weaponry!  One fast bike and one lucky girl.
 What's that?  Sun!?!  First and only spotting was this morning for approximately 10 minutes.  I had to document the moment.

The first day we arrived, the weather person said the outlook for the week was cloudy and dank. Strange choice of vocabulary but nothing could describe it better.  It's a funny topic of conversation here in Glasgow.  The first thing that the locals do when they meet you is apologize for the weather.  As if it was unexpected or within their control? :)

 I did, however, manage a quick spin outside today since it was the first day it hasn't rained all 24 hours.  Cold but dry.  Next to our hotel is what the local call the Armadillo.  I never caught it's real name but it is an interesting architectural design. 
And... you wouldn't be in Europe without seeing this selection for breakfast.

Racing starts tomorrow! I am, once again, honored to be representing the USA and looking forward to racing to the best of my ability.  Go Fast, Turn Left!

Monday, October 1, 2012

2012 Track Nationals

Mostly in pictures...

It's been a busy schedule the last 4 days.  5 events (racing 7 times), lots of driving, and not enough sleep.

Individual Pursuit- the bane of my existence.  I continue to see improvements but still question my sanity every time I am on the starting line for this event.  Why?  I ended up 3rd missing the Gold medal ride my .4 seconds.  The girl who beat me by .4 seconds ended up winning the Gold.  So close, yet...

Team Pursuit... oh how I love this event!  Added bonus was the team that Exergy TWENTY12 put together.  Lauren Tamayo fresh off a Silver medal at the Olympics.  And, Jackie Crowell who is strong like bull but had never raced the event before.  Lauren and I took over the pace setting and thinking and just told Jackie to hang on.  A little rough around the edges but GOLD none the less.

The winning Team Pursuit team!

Scratch and Points- I love racing my bike!
I ended up working for a teammate in the Scratch and she took Silver.  The Points was a bit of a mess but I ended up Silver with a teammate in Gold.

 I can't believe I actually get that low without thinking about it.  Weird position!

 And, for my favorite event ever... the Madison!  It is a race with a partner.  Imagine a track and field event where 2 runners sprint for 400m and hand the baton off to their partner who then sprints for 400m and this happens for 25 kilometers.  Well, basically, this would be the Madison.  It's a tag team event where you are sprinting for points like a points race.

 I was SO fortunate to have my good friend and local Colorado girl agree to fly into LA to race this one with me.  Katie Compton is the most accomplished cyclocross racers in the world and arguably the most versatile cyclists in our country.  She and I love to beat up on each other in local Colorado racing so we decided to join forces and represent the great state of CO!  Thanks to Pearlizumi for the custom Mach 5 Speedsuits.

Katie in action... no brakes, no mud, no gears, just speed!  She went from winning a cyclocross races Saturday/Sunday of last week, Wednesday, Saturday... flying to LA Saturday night and racing the Madison on Sunday.  I say 5/5 wins in 8 days deserves a day of rest tomorrow.

 And... we took home the GOLD!

Thanks, always, to our sponsors.  The best deserve the best and Exergy TWENTY12 has the best- Felt Bicycles, Zipp, Catlike, Oakley, Pearlizumi.

Also, a HUGE thank you to Nicola Cranmer, Neal Henderson, and Mark Tyson for all your help this week.  I would be lost without you!

Saturday, September 29, 2012


My first team was America's Dairyland which was sponsored by the Milk Marketing Board.  We learned all about chocolate milk for recovery and got to wear cow uniforms.

Back in the day- my pink cow kit.  Ahh, memories!

When Greg and I moved to Colorado, we learned that local dairy farms in the area actually still deliver milk.  Once a week our glass bottles are delivered and every week it's a treat.  In irony, that same local dairy farm we have been using asked me to take part in a campaign they are starting for healthy and active living.  Check out the link here and the pictures below... 

Another fun and local media thing.... During the Pro Challenge (a major "tour" style race in Colorado for Men's World Pro Tour teams), a local restaurant named pizza's after Boulder pro cyclists.  I made the menu!  The only female and way down there at the bottom but cool all the same.  I hope some of my friends ordered and enjoyed!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Going for more...

Rock Hill was a blast!  Ok, winning another National Championship jersey has to be fun but to do it 1) on a new track with the friendliest/most excited staff of volunteers, 2) back in the Dirty South, 3) in front of my family and Greg's family, 4) along side of Greg racing the Master's category where he rocked a solid silver medal, and 5) staying with our close friends Stratos, Margarita, and their sweet kids... pure goodness!

I got some pictures in hand since it's way more fun to review racing in pictures.

Time to get serious!
Greg, not as serious but racing hard all the same.
Wow, the pain faces in this picture.
Yelling a bit of encouragement to Greg as he won the 4k IP!
Ok, that is a better pain face.  This might have been the 37th time he attacked in the Scratch race.
Pursuit.  It wasn't as painful as it should have been.  
Great racing to all the women!
Greg's podium for the Master's Omnium.

Happy couple :)
 So, for those who are confused here are some definitions:

Omnium- 6 different races over 2 days of all different styles and distances.  The winner has the best cumulative placing essentially.  Kind of like the decathlon in track and field.

Master's- Ages 35+.  Old but strong.

Pain Face- when you no longer care.

And, now, I leave for the "other" Nationals which is all the individual events over the course of 4 days. I still race every day and sometimes twice a day.  For me, it's like an extended Omnium because I am not focused on any single event.  I kind of like being really good at all of them and the master of none. :) But, that doesn't mean I won't try my hardest to bring home a couple more jerseys!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ride Rock Hill

Well, we arrived in fashion. 5 bikes, 12 wheels, and lots of other "stuff" that was either shipped or flown.  Our hosts didn't know that we would take over their garage.

The new velodrome in Rock Hill, SC is such a beautiful facility.  Owned, built, and operated by the city of Rock Hill.  We were told that they have around 410 people that have taken the certification classes in just the couple months they have been open.
 I guess they will be building a YMCA next door- talk about grass roots cycling!  Oh, and, there will be retail shops and restaurants  that will have patios that overlook the backside of the track.  Cool!
 After flying into ATL late on Monday night, driving to CLT super early on Tuesday morning, we arrived at the velodrome to build bikes and take a spin.  Greg is working overtime this week as husband, chef, mechanic, and bike racer.  Yes!  He is racing too.
 This is a shot of Greg on the home straight.  Thanks to Giordana for sponsoring this velodrome... and Greg's team Rocky Mounts/IZZE!
 How lucky are we?  Our hosts this week happen to be our great friends- Stratos, Margarita, Christiana, and Dino.  We have known Stratos for years and he was the chef at our wedding.  He now owns 5 restaurants in Charlotte that happen to be delicious!
So, Tuesday we were exhausted but managed to 1-drive to CLT, 2- build bikes, 3- ride the velodrome, 4- get settled at host house, 5- build more bikes/wheels, 6- eat at Ilios Noche, and 7-fall asleep quickly!

Wednesday we had an early track training session and then headed up to Lake Norman to celebrate Greg's dad's birthday with him.  Home cooked meal on the lake with Rosemary and Vennie... and cake... yes please!  We also managed to avoid getting mugged when I accidentally stopped in the hood for gas on the way home. I need to remind myself that I have left the bubble of Boulder and need to be slightly more aware of my surroundings.  :)

Today has been chill since we needed to catch up on sleep.  After meeting one of my favorite non-Exergy juniors (Addy Albershardt) for coffee, we will head to Giordana HQ to say hi to some folks, pick up Mark Tyson (our coach for the weekend) at the airport, we will have another awesome dinner at Ilios Noche tonight and we will be ready to go fast tomorrow!

Monday, August 13, 2012


What has five bikes and twelve wheels?  A trip with Greg to the new Giordana Velodrome in Rock Hill, SC for US Track Omnium Nationals!

But first- NoBo Crit!  I revised my travel plans to make sure I didn't miss the classic North Boulder Criterium.  One of my favorites of the seasons and definitely the most professional run race in Colorado.  As always, the women's field showed up in numbers and in talent.  Several of the top US teams were represented- Exergy (of course!), TIBCO, NOW/Novartis, Kenda, Vanderkitten, etc.  With a slightly disappointing finish, I ended in 2nd to Alison Powers of NOW/Novartis after she put in the major solo attack with 1.5 laps to go.  After a quick dip in the creek to cool down the legs, it was time to head home and continue packing.  

The professional pictures of the race can be found HERE.  Thanks Dejan for all the great photos!

P.S.- thanks to all my friends and neighbors who showed up to cheers!  That was so cool!

So, back to track racing: The revised schedule puts Omnium Nationals a few weeks before Track Nationals in LA...more racing equals more fun and a test of the legs.  Unlike many cyclists, I have the chance to race my bike year round with the International calendar of track racing.  It is tough to not get much of a break...but I just really love to race.  The Omnium is six races in two days.  A nice way to start my long track season that will include Elite Nationals, World Cups, Six Days in the Netherlands, and the World Championships.

Well, walking out the door for my first flight of track season with my Felt TK1 Endurance, Zipp 808s and Super Nine disc, Speedplay Track specific Zeros, Catlike helmets, Oakleys...and lots of Pearl Izumi kits...what more could a girl want!  Getting my sprint back and looking forward to using it!

If any of my friends/family are around, we will be racing Friday/Saturday of this week at the (Rock Hill, SC just south of Charlottte, NC) and then Sunday at Grant Park (Atlanta, GA).  Come say hi!


Monday, July 30, 2012


And this says it all... a note of thanks from Batuke in Africa.

"Dear riders,
With the success of your participation in the Aspen Ride for entrepreneurs in Zambia, a number of families will be supported to get bike loans that will contribute to their household income. In so doing, children will be enabled to go to school, to eat better, and live healthier lives. In general, you have contributed towards the well being of children and families in Zambia. This is truly a great cause, one to be proud of.
Please accept our message of appreciation on behalf of these families. Through your contribution lives will be touched, lives will be changed; lives will be transformed for the better.
Thank you,
Batuke Walusiku
Director, Advocacy and Communications
World Vision - Zambia"

Please watch the video below... 

Yes, we had a very successful first (hopefully annual!) Aspen Invitational.  We fell slightly short of our fundraising goals and are keeping the books open for a couple more days to hit the $300,000k goal.  That's 3,000 Bikes for Africa!  So, please click here if you can donate!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Aspen Invitational

A Bike Ride for Africa.

I have never asked for money from anyone for my bike racing career.  This is a first.  But, wait... this money has nothing to do with me.  This money is for bicycles for children and families in Africa.  Please click HERE and donate.

For several months now, I have been working steadily on helping to organize and promote the Aspen Invitational that will take place on July 21st.  Our goal with this event is to raise $300k that goes directly towards bikes in Africa.

If you want to become more involved with this event, please contact me directly- runcari "at"

We are currently looking for housing for a couple volunteers.  Ideally, we could find a vacation home someone owns and could donate for the weekend.  Is that you?  Someone you know?

Here are some photos taken in Aspen on a scouting ride that Greg and I took a couple months ago.

Change a life!  Donate.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Month of May

Started training again at the beginning of May and it's been non-stop racing since.  In mid-May I did 11 races in 16 days of all different disciplines.  Road, Crit, Track, TT.  Learning how to TT has been a new passion of mine! Next up, going to learn how to race in the dirt- short track and cross :)

Went to St. Louis for 3 days of racing during the second week of May.  Raced in my favorite local race Superior Morgul Classic- 3 day Omnium style which includes a TT, RR, and Crit.  I got down to the velodrome in Colorado Springs to get some early season track work in the legs.  All the while I had a weekly TT series.  The results for all these races were pretty good considering I was coming off my break and just raced myself into shape.

Although I am sitting in a hotel room in Chicago as I write this, it has been refreshing being back in Boulder for most of May.  Ahh!  Where does the time go?  That month flew by.

A picture of some friends that joined me on one of my rides in Boulder and blocked my path.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Time Off?

Time off the bike still includes bikes.  Two weeks off... first time in over 2.5 years.  Mistake. 

Vacation with Greg? No. Home to see the family and friends?  No.

But, don't feel sorry for me!  I had a couple great weeks.  Wind tunnel with Pearlizumi and Sea Otter with my Exergy TWENTY12 Junior Elite team.

For 5 days I was in beautiful Monterey and Carmel, CA with the 6 junior women at Sea Otter Classic.  They raced and I organized/drove/directed/cooked/had fun.

First thing is first... this trip would never have been possible if not for the support of Donna Woods who donated her own cash to sponsor us by renting a beautiful vacation home steps away from the ocean.  This cycling community has never failed to amaze me with the generosity produced by people who love the sport and can appreciate what women racers are doing.

THANKS DONNA!  Not only did we love the house but you made a huge impression on the girls on how to give back to the sport.

The girls raced... and WON everything.... spent time with our equipment sponsors and learned how to speak in a public forum.  They were the road "pro's" representing at a Ladies Lounge held by Rebecca Rausch.    This team is lucky to have the equipment sponsors we do... and these juniors are lucky to be riding the best!

We made time for fun!

And, some team bonding.

Here is an interview I did with Lyne of Podium Insight about this awesome Exergy TWENTY12 junior squad.  Expect big things from these ladies... this year and many years to come!

Sarah Huang
Jen Valente
Tara McCormick
Maddy Tuggle
Kayla Sterling
Veronica Church

Friday, April 20, 2012

Last Week...

Well, a couple weeks off the bike doesn't mean I stop traveling. Quite the opposite actually! Right now I am sitting in Carmel, CA but that blog post comes later.

Last week, I traveled with Pearlizumi to:
After flying into Houston, we had 2 hour car ride to College Station. Lunch anyone? Yes, we ate here and yes, it was good.
In the 48 hours that we were here, we had some true Texas culinary choices. It took my stomach some time to recover from this trip.

Interesting facts about the prop used in the wind tunnel.
Getting everything ready!
The machine!
I can't tell you how much more respect I have for Pearlizumi knowing how much research they put into their products. What I learned was pretty impressive. I loved the quality of their products before and now that I know the thought that goes into making their athletes the fastest in the world... I'm a believer!

That's all she wrote! What an awesome couple days with Pearlizumi. Thanks guys!