Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Exergy TWENTY12

Big news for the team!

Introducing Exergy TWENTY12 Professional Women's Cycling Team from Exergy TWENTY12 on Vimeo.

Hello SoCal

Well, here, there, and everywhere.

We wrapped up the camp in Colorado Springs and it's kind of been a whirlwind since.

Here's a quick shot of a group ride in the beautiful hills outside Garden of the Gods.

A workout in Colorado Springs with a little extra oxygen for good measure.

2 weeks in Colorado Springs, 1 night at home, 1 day/night in Las Vegas, a handful nights back in Boulder, and the drive out to Los Angeles. I am getting settled here in LA and have a peace now with this city. Although there are things I would rather not deal with (traffic, smog, 4.5 million people, concrete, etc.)... there are things that I can appreciate about living here. (I have now sat and stared blankly at my computer for 3 minutes trying to make that "like" list.) No, really, I have found my little pocket of happiness in SoCal. I have a wonderful friend and house to live in in Huntington Beach, the winter weather actually allows me to train, there is an indoor velodrome, great selection of healthy grocery stores, and the ability to recover and relax between workouts. Being away from home is hard but it allows me to have complete focus.

I will always miss home. Here is a shot from a recent mountain bike ride.

Speaking of focus. I am sitting here on my bed in LA while the first morning of the Omnium is taking place at Elite Track Nationals. Weird, right? Yes, weird.

I LOVE racing my bike. I LOVE the omnium. I am good, really good, at the omnium. But, this winter I am focusing. I am focusing on making the Team Pursuit team for next summer's London Olympics.

"Excellence demands sacrifice." - Kristin Armstrong

We all sacrifice. Greg and I have made major sacrifices (careers for both of us, living in separate cities, lifestyle) in order for me to pursue my cycling career. In the big picture, my sitting out of my favorite races this year at Nationals is a small sacrifice. But, in the moment, it feels like a hard one. Even, as of yesterday, I doubted my decision and almost registered.

Focus. This year is different and I will remain focused on the big picture. I am a perfect A.D.D. athlete but I can and will remain focused on the goal for the next 11 months.

"Excellence demands sacrifice." Thanks Kristin!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor on the Labor Day

I don't really get Labor Day. Maybe I should take the time to read about it and figure out exactly why we celebrate labor by not working. With the recent reports in the news about the USA (13 average vacation days and only 56% of people use them), maybe Labor Day is a way to make people take a day off.

Well, not for us! Last week we started our first Team Pursuit camp here in Colorado Springs. It's fun to be back with the girls and get some early season track time in the legs.

With road racing season wrapping up and track racing season on the horizon, there is a lot to be excited about!

More updates with, hopefully, some pictures later in this week!!