Monday, July 19, 2010

Back to Racing

Ok, a week off and a 1.5 weeks of sick, and I'm back. This past weekend I raced out in Portland at the Alpenrose AVC. Funky track, great coffee, crazy tattoos, exciting racing, and superb friends!
I decided to do all the events since I am a "recovering" sprinter... why not?

Alpenrose velodrome is likely to scare most people. Steep, bumpy, and an awkward size... makes for some home court advantage for the Portlanders. I actually have a weird love for this track.
Racing all day for 3 days in a row. I had my own little apartment set-up.
Teammates :) Always posing for pictures!
Girl friends! I love meeting up with people from all over the country... trying to pummel each other on the bike and then laughing together in the infield.
The Tiemeyer beast never fails me! I still LOVE this bike.
Airing it out between races. Smelly bike racers!
Unfortunately, there is always a couple crashes. Cleaning the wounds could be more painful.
But at least there wasn't another one of these crashes... this was from the last time I raced here.

My 3 days in Portland ended with me winning all of the endurance events (pursuit, scratch, miss-n-out, points) and proving that I still have some speed in the sprint events (sprints, 500m, team sprint, keirin). With the results I won the Women's Omnium and came away happy!

Thanks to Charlie and the folks at Alpenrose for never failing to have a great race! Thanks to all the racers from across the country that traveled out to Portland. What a stacked women's field we had!!! I do think the women had more athletes participating than men this year (minus the Masters).

I will stay here in Portland and drive up to race in Seattle next weekend. More to come!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Bronni sent me some great photos from our night at Chastain in Atlanta. Since it is raining here in Boulder and I am forced to stay inside, I have time to do things like... blog. There are plenty of other things that should take priority but who wants to clean?

Ok, Sting is about 60 years old and in amazing shape... and sexy.
Fun group!
Thanks LaScalas for letting Greg and I borrow your Jeep while in town. Don't worry, as usual, I ended up as the designated driver. We wouldn't let "that guy" drive.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Holiday Weekend

Greg and I were planning on going from Atlanta to Crested Butte for a weekend of camping and mountain biking. This was the week that was assigned to me as a mid-season rest... as much mental as physical. Although I have felt fine physically, the mental break is as much or more important and always welcome.
The good news and bad news... the bad news is that Greg was/is fighting a asthma/allergy hack and I came down with a summer cold so we cancelled the CB trip. The good news is that we live in Boulder and it feels like a holiday just hanging out here.
We did lots of staying home and sleeping but also managed to still mountain bike several days.

Greg and I on some trails outside of Boulder. Those are the famous Boulder Flatirons you always hear about. Beautiful!!
I got up to Nederland another day with my friend Mike and his friend Jess. Super sweet singletrack! Thanks to these guys for putting up with my lack of technical skills and being patient. In this picture (i-Phone once again so not great quality) you can see the Eldora ski area in the back. Still some snow way up high.
I thought I was breathing hard because I had been at sea level for 3 weeks and went straight to mountain biking at 9,000 feet. I guess I was getting sick.

Back to work this week. Translation- following a training plan. I am super inspired and looking forward to the hard work ahead. I can taste the winter track season!

Friday, July 2, 2010

How to blog with no bikes

I have had several people tell me lately that they read my blog but can't understand what I am talking about. I promised a girlfriend of mine I would do an update that didn't talk about two wheels. Perfect opportunity...
This past 5 days or so I took some time away from the bike to visit ATL, the dirty south. I have started traveling without a camera but I am starting to regret that since I either rely on other people and their cameras or I have the quality of iPhone photos. But, here we go...

The whole reason for the trip was to celebrate Mande and Joe's wedding! The Saturday night party was so much fun and Greg was did all the food for the party... yum :) Happy couple. So happy.
(stolen FB photo)
Sunday our friends threw a pool party for us complete with a shrimp boil. Gotta love the deep south!
Monday I got together with a several college girlfriends/teammates and their kids. I didn't capture everyone on camera... sorry girls! We talked lots of soccer which seems so appropriate for the World Cup season. But, we also had so much more to catch up on too. I love you all and miss you. (even the ones I didn't get to see)

Monday night we were lucky enough to join some friends at Chastain outdoor amphitheater to see Sting. Fun is an understatement. Thank you Michael LaScala for driving us around. Thank you Karatassos boys for dinner and tickets. And, thank you Sting for being Sting.
I do miss things about Atlanta and Chastain is one of them. One summer after college, Mande and I bought season tickets. Oh, the memories :)
Angela couldn't stand not being in our picture.
Because I was essentially on vacation, there were lots of perks like Greg making me breakfast in the morning. Oh, wait, he does this at home too. But this particular meal looked too good to not document.
It was great seeing my family (mom, dad, step-mom, brother and fiance) and my all my adopted family (mande, kara, jan, lascalas, karatassos, etc.) but there were so many people I missed. I could spend weeks in Atlanta and not get to spend the amount of time I would like with everyone. Thank goodness for Facebook, email, and cell phones!

Once I get the "real pictures", I will post more.