Monday, July 30, 2012


And this says it all... a note of thanks from Batuke in Africa.

"Dear riders,
With the success of your participation in the Aspen Ride for entrepreneurs in Zambia, a number of families will be supported to get bike loans that will contribute to their household income. In so doing, children will be enabled to go to school, to eat better, and live healthier lives. In general, you have contributed towards the well being of children and families in Zambia. This is truly a great cause, one to be proud of.
Please accept our message of appreciation on behalf of these families. Through your contribution lives will be touched, lives will be changed; lives will be transformed for the better.
Thank you,
Batuke Walusiku
Director, Advocacy and Communications
World Vision - Zambia"

Please watch the video below... 

Yes, we had a very successful first (hopefully annual!) Aspen Invitational.  We fell slightly short of our fundraising goals and are keeping the books open for a couple more days to hit the $300,000k goal.  That's 3,000 Bikes for Africa!  So, please click here if you can donate!