Friday, November 16, 2012

Wee bit dank

After a bad experience with some food sickness at the Columbia UCI Track World Cup (that didn't warrant any blog!), I continued my 2012 season to include the UCI Track World Cup here in Glasgow, Scotland.  

Besides the excitement of racing, there is a buzz in the air because of the beautiful new facility that everybody is seeing for the first time.  Welcome to the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome!  I haven't yet caught a picture from the outside because of rain but here are a couple shots from the inside.

Lockers under the velodrome for the local, club riders.  Nice!
 The building is enormous and houses several other indoor sports.  Here is a shot of some basketball courts which are surrounded by a indoor track.  I here there is a gymnastics facility also.  Upstairs is a fitness club with glass windows that overlook the velodrome.  I would pay good money to belong to this club if I lived in Glasgow.
 First day at the velodrome and the sponsors' signs weren't yet painted.  It's shaped much like a cigar.  So much so that the start/finish line is inside of turn 1.  Sprinters track?  I don't know.  But, I think there was a sprinter involved in this design!

I am positive that this message was intended for specific nationals teams... like maybe the Japanese.  I wonder if they are going to have enforcement?
 The USA team mechanic, coach, manager, soigneur (not massage!), and generally good guy.... Ben Sharp.  Oh, wait, you can't see him because he is working on my bike!  Well then, take a look at that sweet Felt TK1 with Zipp Weaponry!  One fast bike and one lucky girl.
 What's that?  Sun!?!  First and only spotting was this morning for approximately 10 minutes.  I had to document the moment.

The first day we arrived, the weather person said the outlook for the week was cloudy and dank. Strange choice of vocabulary but nothing could describe it better.  It's a funny topic of conversation here in Glasgow.  The first thing that the locals do when they meet you is apologize for the weather.  As if it was unexpected or within their control? :)

 I did, however, manage a quick spin outside today since it was the first day it hasn't rained all 24 hours.  Cold but dry.  Next to our hotel is what the local call the Armadillo.  I never caught it's real name but it is an interesting architectural design. 
And... you wouldn't be in Europe without seeing this selection for breakfast.

Racing starts tomorrow! I am, once again, honored to be representing the USA and looking forward to racing to the best of my ability.  Go Fast, Turn Left!