Sunday, August 29, 2010

From LA to Pikes Peak

Greg and I volunteered today at the Assault on the Peak. Ya, we decided we didn't need to ride up above 14,000 ft.

Since our volunteer station was at the top, we got to see all the happy, hypoxic, cold, hungry, and confused finishers.

The winner! Hotel San Jose dude... of course I forgot his name. Let's just call him fast... finishing in 2 hr. 20 min. I asked him how he felt and he was the only one all day who answered "great." Well, you are crazy Mr. Climber Dude.
I can't call her crazy 'cause she's my friend. We can just call her Mrs. I-can-seriously-climb-and-sprint-Beth-Fisk. You are looking cold and confused in this picture Beth.
Hand cyclists stud. Impressive!
Our local Colorado Springs resident and recent 2x Para-WORLD CHAMPION..... Allison Jones.
Uni-cyclist guy. Ya, he rode up Pikes Peak on a uni. I question the sanity.
Cold or not, we all were enjoying the view. Thanks for helping out Justin Rogers!

Big props to Pat McDonough and Mark Tyson for making this happen for the first time! Hopefully this race will be the first of many Assaults on the Peak!

P.S. Remembered winner's name. Leroy. Leroy Insane Climber.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Track Time!

So excited to kick off this new season of TRACK RACING!!!

I just got back from a week in LA kicking where I finished a little personal training camp. It was time to set some time standards for myself, get a feel of the 250m again, and really just slaughter the legs with some training on the velodrome. Really, it amazes me how differently the body reacts to the different bikes, pedaling, etc. Ouch! Tonight I go for a massage :)

The trip was already pre-planned and it happen to fall on the dates of the SoCal Elite State Omnium Track Champs. So, within 24 hours of landing in LA, I found myself hitting the boards with the men. Since I am not eligible to win a women's California state title and I was out there for self-torture, I raced with the boys of SoCal.

Setting off for the 1K TT. Yes, 1k vs. the 500m since I was with the men. Ok, I just did a 500m and then cooled down for 2 more laps but...
4k. No 3k here :) Like my alien helmet? Thanks Kevin for letting me borrow it.

Trying to put the hurt on some of these boys.
Thanks to Pat Benson for all the photos!

The trip was so worth the time and money. Being on that track is just plain different from the track I have in Colorado. This trip allowed me to try and dial in some gears, pacing, lines, etc. It also just gave me a concentrated week of training away from my super stressful life in Boulder. :) jk.

Now that I am back, I am excited to start the prep for the fall and winter season. I am confident after this week that all my new training is going to pay off this winter. Can't wait to throw down!


P.S. For the non-cycling folks- There are no other pictures since there really wasn't time for anything else besides sleeping, eating, driving, and riding. I touched the beach once on the last day but decided it was too windy and cold... so that lasted 30 minutes. I know my family sometimes thinks all this traveling has "got to be so much fun." The reality is I barely did anything social and, short of getting Pinkberry yogurt twice, it wasn't vacation.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Translation to the normal world

Mainly, this goes out to my cousin Theresa.

Our conversation at WeeBee's wedding still makes me laugh. You explained perfectly how different our worlds rotate.

The discussion was mainly about how I am addicted to exercise of any kind and act like an addict in the first 48 hrs of rehab if I don't break a sweat daily. Theresa, on the other hand, has a body that would go into convulsions if she accidentally slipped on running shoes and simultaneously thought about sweating.

Well yesterday I was excited when I finished my ride to find out it was a 2,000 kilocalorie ride. (Ok T, I will explain.) We weirdo athletes have these computers that monitor almost everything we do. At the end of each workout, we download the data to a website/software that automatically sends this information to our coaches to analyze. With me so far? It is just like your "big brother" in the corporate world checking up on your work daily. Fun, eh?

The difference is that I love looking at the data and don't mind that the boss man may check up on me on any given day. One of my favorite parts is seeing how many kcal's I spent...ok, truth... it just means how many extra calories I can eat that day :)

While you, Theresa, are getting ready to give birth to a healthy #3 and (possibly) using that as your reason to eat anything your little heart desires. I use this data as my basis for indulgence :)

I thought of you, Theresa, as I celebrated my ability to not call a ride "hard" or "epic" and yet still have a 2,000 kcal day on the bike. I thought that you would get a good laugh out of that one.

T with Baby #1 on his #1

Friday, August 13, 2010

Important Moments in Life

While bike racing is oh-so important and will someday save the world... something like that... friends are what makes my heart warm.

Last weekend I traveled to Charlotte for the Presbyterian Criterium. Great race, great town, great crowds... gosh, I am starting to sound like a broken record since my last couple race weekends have all said the same thing. But seriously this time!

Traveling gets lonely sometimes so it is a bonus to have familiar faces in the destination city. One of our best friends, Stratos, lives in Charlotte with his family. Not only is he a kick-butt chef (and owns 3 restaurants that rock!) but he is a great host.

Here was my morning note and goodies left on the counter.
Stratos with his son Dino who can light up the room with his smile! Sorry to have missed the beautiful wife and daughter as they were vacationing in NYC. Next year!
Bonus friend sighting in Charlotte! Tracey, college soccer teammate of mine, showed up at the race in full school spirit. Some people never change!! What a sweet surprise seeing her after the race and meeting up later that night. Thanks Timmerman :)
Then back home and back to Colorado Springs 7-11 velodrome. Do you know I haven't race 1 time down there all year until last night? Not once. That is a total record as I obviously got my start as a bike racer on the velodrome and love the atmosphere. But, new goals... new coach... new focus... different timing.... this will all equal new speed and fitness.

Anyway, last night I ventured down to 7-11 with the junior crew from Boulder. The 12 passenger van was filled to the top with kids and equipment. Thanks Neal for setting this up! Good times.

Racing last night made me realize how much I miss everyone in the Springs. I'm back people! I bet you will see more of me now. My friends have been out of sight but not out of mind. Julia... Vera... Missy... Kate... even Sabga... I do miss you guys. Thanks for some good racing last night :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Still rolling... just not writing

After the Portland race, I stayed the week with my dear friend Heather in the Portland area.
Besides me trying to avoid Heather kissing me all week...
we had a ton of fun. Berry picking and baking, Nike shopping, sleeping, laughing, and, of course, bike riding.

The next weekend we were off to Seattle for another packed weekend of track racing. I think we did about 8 races in 2 days. Long days. 14 hour long days.

Needless to say, I was pretty tired at the end of the weekend. So tired that I didn't even want to answer my phone. So blogging was way out of the question.

Seattle's velodrome in Marymoor Park isn't necessarily a fun track BUT the people, the race director, the crowds... they make it an awesome experience. If the US wants to make track racing a crowd sport like it is in Europe and Australia, they need to talk to Dave Mann and ask him how he does it.

The racing was once again tough and I once again did all the events included in the Omnium... in this case Points, Scratch, Miss-n-Out, Madison, Keirin, Sprints. I took several podium spots and ended up 2nd overall. Good times! The sneaky little Australian beat me for the overall.

Yes, we were all a little goofy by the end of the last night. Below is the Madison podium... a race you do with a teammate. Clearly we were all done with this racing thing... or at least Shelby was done.

Usually when I get home, I get a day off to recover. This time the "go" button was pushed right when I got home. Greg and I were moving and had to pack up the house. So, in between training, eating, and sleeping, we were packed, loading, and cleaning. The new house comes complete with a garage. I can't tell you how much this changes my life! No longer do I stumble over bikes to get in my bed or play musical bikes just to have a place at the kitchen table. Ahhhh!

So, I am now recovered (not unpacked) enough to blog... just in time for another weekend bike race. I leave Thursday for a race in Charlotte where I get to see one of my favorite friends!