Friday, November 14, 2008

I gave in

I didn't want to. I avoided it.  I made fun of all you people with blogs yet secretly read every one of them.
Now, I am one of you.
Why?  Because I left on this journey that will take me to cool places this winter racing my bike.  I HATE mass emails.  My family and friends have demanded (rightfully) updates.  So, instead of picking and choosing and being so presumptuous by sending emails to a list... I will blog.
Read if you want.  It may be interesting and it may not.  I am not a creative writer, I am a bike racer.


Mande said...

Yea!!! You gave in. I expect pictures and creative entries...but no stress!

Team Keil said...

It is about time. Jeff and I are excited to follow your journey....Rock On
JK1 &JK2

reastman said...

Nice! Now you can join the facebook blog network too.

Allez said...

Woohoo...welcome to the world of blog geeks. :) I will live vicariously through your blog. Have fun!


Suhr the Blur said...

Haha you have a blog. Actually I am happy I can follow you on this amazing journey. But we really need to work on your nickname! Do you have any? I mean I know that your full name wasn't taken and all but if you are going to fly around the world going in circles you need a nickname! Anyhow glad you are well. Give 'em hell for me!

JT said...

I knew you read mine anyways, there stalker! Ha ha. Now I can stalk you! Hope you're having fun and please tell Clare hello!