Saturday, August 8, 2009


Apparently I am not the only one with good tastes. D2 Custom Shoes are the best! They are made (not some oven baked mold that you do at home) entirely to fit your feet. I have noticed a HUGE difference when wearing D2 shoes on the track. My old shoes were a bit long but needed to be in order to fit my food width. Therefore, my cleat was too far forward because that is how it fit the shoe. I could promise that my power output has increased with the custom shoes just based on the cleat placement. And, obviously, they are way more comfortable.

Anyway, my first day on the track in Mexico City I noticed that Kim Geist had the same color scheme D2 shoes. Of all the crazy colors and combinations you can pick, we had the same tastes. But, the question.... can you tell which one is the endurance shoe and which one is the sprinter shoe?

Check out D2 Custom Shoes. Your feet will thank you!


Mande said...

I think the pair on the left are for sprinting because they lace up??

Dubbayoo said...

D2 shoes are worth every penny. I will never buy another brand.

Cari Higgins said...

Mande- you so smart!