Friday, July 2, 2010

How to blog with no bikes

I have had several people tell me lately that they read my blog but can't understand what I am talking about. I promised a girlfriend of mine I would do an update that didn't talk about two wheels. Perfect opportunity...
This past 5 days or so I took some time away from the bike to visit ATL, the dirty south. I have started traveling without a camera but I am starting to regret that since I either rely on other people and their cameras or I have the quality of iPhone photos. But, here we go...

The whole reason for the trip was to celebrate Mande and Joe's wedding! The Saturday night party was so much fun and Greg was did all the food for the party... yum :) Happy couple. So happy.
(stolen FB photo)
Sunday our friends threw a pool party for us complete with a shrimp boil. Gotta love the deep south!
Monday I got together with a several college girlfriends/teammates and their kids. I didn't capture everyone on camera... sorry girls! We talked lots of soccer which seems so appropriate for the World Cup season. But, we also had so much more to catch up on too. I love you all and miss you. (even the ones I didn't get to see)

Monday night we were lucky enough to join some friends at Chastain outdoor amphitheater to see Sting. Fun is an understatement. Thank you Michael LaScala for driving us around. Thank you Karatassos boys for dinner and tickets. And, thank you Sting for being Sting.
I do miss things about Atlanta and Chastain is one of them. One summer after college, Mande and I bought season tickets. Oh, the memories :)
Angela couldn't stand not being in our picture.
Because I was essentially on vacation, there were lots of perks like Greg making me breakfast in the morning. Oh, wait, he does this at home too. But this particular meal looked too good to not document.
It was great seeing my family (mom, dad, step-mom, brother and fiance) and my all my adopted family (mande, kara, jan, lascalas, karatassos, etc.) but there were so many people I missed. I could spend weeks in Atlanta and not get to spend the amount of time I would like with everyone. Thank goodness for Facebook, email, and cell phones!

Once I get the "real pictures", I will post more.

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Great post! Really looks like you had fun without a bike :)