Friday, October 8, 2010


I didn't even have a chance to post ONE THING from Nationals. You would think that this week would allow me the opportunity to get caught up on all things blog. Not really.

What have I done this recovery week? Goes something like this...

Monday- travel, sleep, eat lots
Tuesday- sleep, celebrate birthday, drive to Denver to pick up bikes and Katie/Mark's dog, doctor, birthday dinner with friends, sleep
Wednesday- SLEEP, yoga, finally make it to the grocery so I can stop eating Clif bars, SLEEP BIG TIME
Thursday- SLEEP more then I thought was possible, decide that laundry was a must, SLEEP, and SLEEP again
Friday- sunrise hike, nap, lunch with a friend, fight the nap.... and maybe some more yoga

I think I am starting to feel normal again. This is all just in time to start the hard training again. It's all a crazy cycle!

Ok... race reports and pictures from Nationals are on their way. This weekend, it will all be posted!

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