Monday, November 1, 2010

Nice Surprise

I received a surprise email telling me I won the National Championship Series for the American Track Racing Association. Cool! I love that they have pulled together the series with all the major US races. Nice to see my team come out on top too :)

Since my last blog I have been to LA for a week of Team Pursuit Camp and then home a week... now I leave again tomorrow for more training in LA.

No pretty pictures of the beach since it rained every single day we were there. Seriously! SoCal rain for 6 days in a row. Thank goodness for the indoor velodrome!

Getting front door service from Sarah... it was POURING out!
We did manage to ride outside some but notice all the clothes... I think this was the only day I didn't wear leg warmers. Oh, and, this is a picture of us changing a flat. Oh many girls.... oh, that is not funny joke.

Camp was great and I am really looking forward to see what our team can do this winter! With a solid group and more focus, the sky is the limit!

More soon...

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Jeff Hopkins said...

Hi Cari,
We have an NCS jersey ot send to you so your vistories, great job by the way. Drop us a line: with your address and size.