Monday, August 22, 2011

Up an Over

It's no wonder why people visit Colorado in the summertime. Sitting in the car for 4 hours didn't seem like a chore at all. It was like a vacation.

Yesterday, Nicola and I drove from Colorado Springs to Aspen which took us up and over Independence Pass.

This is one of the routes for this week's USA Pro Cycling Challenge. It seemed hard to me in a car so good luck to all those guys who are pedaling their way.... oh, wait, RACING their way up that little hill. The downhill seems to me like the "challenge" part of this.

For those of you who don't know, Nicola Cranmer is the woman who gets work done for women's cycling. She is the owner/manager of my team but her job doesn't stop there. She is an advocate for women's cycling and development of young riders.
Yes, we took the cheesy tourist picture. Had to.
Today is the start of the Women's Aspen Stage Race which is a 3 day race. It starts with an uphill time trial tonight. Oooohhhh, my favorite!

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