Friday, March 30, 2012

Moving on...

Ok, onward and upward.

It's been a winter of ups and downs. There were moments I felt like myself and felt like I was fulfilling my potential. Then there were the other ones- ones I tried to explain, understand, analyze. I am lucky to say I have learned more about myself as an athlete in the past 4 months then I have in the past couple years combined. Unfortunately, the timing was not ideal. But, I move on. There is no room for "woe is me" attitude in my life.

It's obvious to my family and the ones who know me the best. When my blog goes silent, it means things aren't ideal in my world. Since I mainly blog about my cycling life, I am not referring to my personal life. Thank goodness I have a rock solid husband and marriage to balance out this roller coaster life of a professional cyclist!

The rest of you people may just think I am totally slack about writing in my blog. There is some truth to that but mainly I don't like to write negative things and I don't like to be dishonest about what's going on. I am far from a smoke and mirrors type person.

So, a quick catch up...

I was in Mar del Plata, Argentina for the Pan American Championships racing both track and road. For the first time all winter, I got to ride outside in shorts and short sleeved jersey. Thank you Vit D!
The city was situated right on the coast. Bright and sunny!
Now... now I am in Melbourne, Australia for the Track World Championships! I couldn't be more excited to race. I feel very fortunate for having this opportunity. Last year was my first World Champs and I walked away with a 6th place in the Points Race. I am looking for more (racing Points and Scratch) but don't feel any pressure or nerves quite yet. It's a good place to be.

Land down under. I found my gift to bring home to all my friends and family. Place your orders now!
Experience of a lifetime... an Australian Rules Football game! I can count this as one of the coolest experiences I have ever had while traveling for bike racing. I LOVE American football (Roll Tide!), LOVE soccer (you know my history), and Aussie Rules in the best combination of both of those sports. Me and my closet 90,000+ friends watched as Hawthorn beat up on Collingwood.
I'm on record as saying these are the MOST ATHLETIC men in any sport. Pure athletes. Love.

Ok, after a couple nice road rides along the coast and a full rest day... I'm off to check out the velodrome at the Hisense Arena. Here's more information-



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Jennifer Sharp said...

Good luck cari! Hope to see you upon your return and do some catch up. Giggles will be had!