Sunday, January 4, 2009

Pictures from Launceston

I found some pictures from the racing at Launceston, the only indoor velodrome in Tasmania.

Here you can see Fatehah, the Malaysian, a couple Hong Kong girls, Laura, on of the Aus girls, and more.
Going into last lap I think.  Fatehah on the front, I looked trapped on Hong Kong's wheel, Tess Downing up top.  My new Kiwi friend Rosie McCall is in the sprinter's lane behind Malaysia.
I was telling Fatehah that I was sick of coming in second place to her.  I did finally beat her on the last day.

Results from the Tasmania Carnivals:
- Latrobe Day 1, no top three results
- Launceston Day 2, 2nd in Scratch
- Devonport Day 3, 2nd in Scratch
- Devonport Day 4, 4th in Scratch
- Burnie Day 5, 1st in Scratch, 1st in Points, worked for Isabella King who came 3rd in big money Wheelrace

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