Sunday, January 25, 2009

Boulder Indoor Cycling

It's here... for real!

Boulder Indoor Cycling= crazy fun!  No other way to say it people.  Crazy.  Fun.

I have been on the track a couple times this past week.  Next week I am going to start teaching classes too... sign up and ask for my class!  It is impossible to ride this track and not love it.

Last night, I helped Missy Thompson with an introduction class for a group of newbies from Rocky Mounts Cycling Team (Greg's team). 16 people and I think 3 had been on a track before.  Like I said... crazy fun.

I am leading the semi-paceline in the back.  It took Megan (in the front) a couple tries but she made it on the track and loved it!
The advanced group.  Ryan Hughes with the helmet cam.  Greg in the back.
Missy instructing on how to keep the rubber side down.  Rachel Couch was scared and hiding her face.

One of my favorite Boulder bloggers- Greg Keller.  Typically Greg writes about all things Cyclocross.  Truth be known... the guy just loves anything with 2 wheels and pedals.  Last night Greg made it out to take some photos and he has much better quality ones then I have.  Check it out!  Oh, he also has the helmet video link.  

See you on the track!

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Greg said...

Cari that was RAD!! I can't wait to get some deeper instruction from you/Missy et al when I get out there.