Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring Fling

It's been a long time since Greg and I went on a "vacation" that didn't include him just traveling somewhere for me to race a bike.
Tomorrow we go home but we have spent the last 4ish days up in Steamboat Springs with some ATL friends out here for their kids' spring break.  The weather has been pretty amazing and there has even been fresh powder most the days.
There was no downhill skiing for me on this trip because its that time of year that I need to be concentrating on my training for cycling.  But, nordic skiing is GREAT cross training.  I am also caught up on sleep and relaxation. (It's pretty funny that the difference between our vacation and theirs.... they are super active skiing every day/all day and Greg and I have been chill.)

Greg skate skiing with blue Colorado skies.  I have never stopped falling in love with these mountains.
Ok- so no bike racing but we couldn't travel without the bikes!  There is training to be done.
Seeing our friends and their kids has brought a huge smile to my face.  It is amazing how much we miss by only catching up every couple years.  

No mountain vacation is complete without S'MORES.
My fling with the mountains ends tomorrow and I don't expect to have much time up here until next winter.  I will miss them but they are always in my heart no matter where I travel.

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Heather VanValkenburg said...

Hills are for cars! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha HA!