Sunday, March 29, 2009

Whirlwind Update.... where to start

I left over a week ago for Los Angeles for some training time at ADT.... via Tucson.  Yep, normally this doesn't make sense BUT my mom (from the ATL) was visiting my grandma and others relatives down there.  Good reason to "swing by Tucson on the way."I made it to LA where I have been staying with my teammate Kate.... meet Kate.

Don't get confused.  This is a new Kate.  Nobody can replace the old Kate teammate but I am up for new adventures with the new Kate teammate.
We have had good times training at the track and hanging out in The OC.  ha!  I am not much of an OC girl but I love Kate's place here!

A bike shop in her loft style townhouse.  Greg, can you build me one?

Tough days of training.  Friday night racing.  Saturday road ride by the ocean.  Sunday circuit race at LAX.... and I won :)

Pirate ship in the OC.  Beware people!

Oh, and, my brother in-law (from Montana) happened to be in the Newport Beach area randomly for about 24 hours.  We met up for lunch with a cousin from their side that I had never met.  (Yes, I am still looking like I was on a ride because the phone call was out of the blue and I meet him basically on my ride.)
Oh, bonus!  One of the best girls friends ever was in LA (from NYC) with her hubby.  Met up with them after the race today.
Wow- whirlwind!  I told you.  Tomorrow starts another week.  Maybe there will be down time?

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