Saturday, May 23, 2009

Day in Boulder... and bike racing

I have been home for a couple weeks (and will eventually post a blog about where I have been) and racing in the bubble.
Benefits of being home on a bike:
1) I get to spend time with the Flatiron Flyers!  I love these kids.  Seriously.

2) I get to ride my bike in Boulder and not busy California.
3) I get to race all the fun races I love!  Below is North Boulder Crit... can't beat that view.

4) This year I have started spending a lot more time mentoring Miss Maddie and that is so rewarding.

5) I get to ride, hang, and sometimes mentor the Rocky Mounts women.  
6) I get to teach classes at the Boulder velodrome.
7) I continue to dream about riding at the track in Colorado Springs IF THEY WOULD EVER OPEN IT!

Drawbacks of training at home:
Items 1-7 take up a lot of time!  People ask what I do in my spare time... what spare time?

Today was the Louisville Crit and they had the 1/2 Women race with the 45+ men.  We started together, raced together, and the scored us separately.  Personally, this was a great group of guys to races with.  Their pace was fast but not impossible.  Their skills were AWESOME!  At the end, there was only 2 women left.  I debated trying to sprint it out with the men but I went with the safe choice (I needed a W this year) and found the other girl left in the lead pack.  I stuck her wheel on the last lap and sprinted with about 150 meters left.  This was a hard course for me because of a massive hill so I was happy to take the W.

Last week was the North Boulder Crit and had a stacked start list.  Fast from the gun and didn't let up.  I loved it!  My goal was to be smart for the first time this year and not go for primes.  I needed to race smart.  I accomplished the goal and was happy with my positioning and awareness.  I ended third to Gina Grain (Canadian) and Tiff Cromwell (Aussie).  

So much more to share... keep posted!

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