Friday, May 29, 2009


Tulsa Tough.  Starts today.  3 days... 3 fun crits!

This city does such a great job putting this weekend together.  The money is HUGE, the races are great, and the weather is always questionable.  So far, so good on the weather this time.

We got here yesterday which ended up being the ultra marathon day- travel, grocery x2, borrowing bikes for a trainer spin (long story), meeting hosts, making dinner, and finally sleeping.

Today we went on a short ride.  Tonight we start the madness.  90 women pre-registered + NRC= FAST AND FUN races.
Above: Rachel Neylan (new teammate from Australia) and Maddie Godby (devo racing for Rocky Mounts)

More on everything later!

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Megan W said...

Cari- how are things going down there?? Sending you guys fast vibes...