Sunday, September 27, 2009


We made it out of Vegas unscathed. No gambling, no drinking, no bike racing... great dinner, great friends, great sponsors.

Onto Los Angeles- we are staying with friend and teammate Christen in Huntington Beach for a couple days until competition. There were some time trials events on Saturday morning that I used to open the legs up and get moving. Nothing outstanding but can't be too disappointed after recovering from driving and from Interbike. Greg planned on racing the mass start events Saturday night but we opted out of spending a whole day at the velodrome. We have plenty of that on the horizon. Racing starts on Wednesday so there are still a couple days to get things (legs) in place.

Nice little beach recovery ride after track session yesterday.
Dodging strollers, surfboards, cruisers, wanderers, kids, dogs, etc. As sketchy as a Madison and still better then the highway.
Dinner last night was amazing! California Shabu Shabu. If you haven't ever been.... GO!
My friend Lana and her boy Emiliano. Lana's brother owns Shabu Shabu and was our feerless leader in teaching us how to enjoy this traditional Japenese style of eating. Thanks Lana!
Off for a spin this morning and then the track this afternoon. Keep checking back!

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