Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Today the road trip started. People always ask why I drive to LA for training/racing. The picture below should make you understand.
First stop, D2 Custom Shoe in Eagle, CO. This is the first time I have seen the where the biz is conducted. I have been wearing their shoes on the track for about 9 months now and have seen drastic differences. I am going to one day experiment with my SRM and quantify this improvement. Oh, not to mention the comfort of a customer shoe :)

Don Lamson, the genius behind the scenes. The stories and people he has built shoes for is amazing.
Me and my stinky foot on the computer screen. High tech biz! Who knew?
Part of the process. You can pick all "color" scheme you want. Some people get crazy... my track shoes are pretty tame.
Apparently the production requires lots of equipment.
My stinky foot getting fit for a pair of road shoes! YAY!!!!
Oh, yes, I am wearing a pair of SKINS in white camo. See, I told you I wear them all the time.

We then arrived in Fruita, ran into a friend at the gas station (all of Boulder is heading to Interbike), rode our bikes, ate dinner, and now Greg is watching some terrible movie with SnoopDog. Snoop, if you read this... you should stick to music. Our road ride was nice but it is torture being in Fruita without mountain bikes. To all our friends in the Front Range... it's warm and still beautiful fall weather out here!

Next stop... Vegas.


Eric Peltier said...

It does seem like Boulder will empty out for the vortex that is Interbike.

Lurker said...


Jo Kiesanowski said...

Good luck out there Cari!! At this stage not planning on doing Tassie, but you never know.....My new track bike arrived today!!! Got the Felt like Sarah and Dotsies, yay so exciting. Have a safe drive and kick butt at nationals :-)