Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Final Countdown

I haven't posted anything about this because there are creepy people in this world and who knows what creepy people could do with this information.

But, while I traveled the world this winter racing the bike with no brakes, my husband, Greg, was in Atlanta at what I fondly refer to as "chef camp." Ok, it wasn't like camp really. He was working hard learning the culinary arts while helping a friend open a French restaurant in Atlanta. Bistro Niko is part of the Buckhead Restaurant group in Atlanta which is owned by the Karatassos family whom Greg is very close to.

Thanks Chef Pano, Niko, and Chef Gary for giving Greg this experience of a lifetime! I am crossing my fingers that he isn't burnt out and will come home to practice his skills you taught. Thank goodness it wasn't a Asian restaurant because I couldn't handle any more stir-fried nothing! French food... we will see. :)

Michael LaScala (dear friend), Greg, Mari LaScala (even dearer :) ), and Bronni Karatassos (who I haven't seen in way too long!)
I think Mari gave birth the next day after this picture... or the day before... or something.

Greg left for Atlanta in mid- October and worked straight through the holidays. When kindly asked why he wanted to do this or if he was thinking of opening his own place in Boulder, Greg always replied with the fact that "learning how to cook professional in order to keep his wife fed and happy." Ya, that's right, I don't do much cooking in this household. We all know our places in the world and mine isn't in the kitchen when Greg is home.

I did sneak to Atlanta for a week in November but that was the last time I saw the hubby. 3 more hours and I pick him up from the airport!!!
China posts coming soon!

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Anonymous said...

So glad you guys are baaaaaaack (as the governator says)! Megan