Friday, January 29, 2010

Has it been a month?

wow! That month flew by. I hope the 11 final months of 2010 slow the hell down.

ok, I'm back... in the country and in Boulder. Check out this insanity: 11 hour flight from Beijing, 3 hour layover, 1 hour flight to LA, pick up car, drive bike box back to friend, starting driving to Colorado. I did stop and spend the night in Las Vegas, no gambling/drinking/partying involved. So, today was the rest of the 15 hour drive. Wow, essentially 3 days of travel!

How did I make the 15 hour drive after the 12+ hours flying?
Now that I am back in the land that allows and encourages social networking sites, I will be updating the blog. I have plenty to share about racing and non-racing events. Stay tuned!

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