Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Passing in the air


As I leave for Tulsa, Greg gets back from NYC. Yes, that's right, he is in the big city!

I usually don't like to announce when he is out of town but this trip is so exciting for him that I can't hold it in.

Greg has some buddies that are big time chefs. Not the ones "that own their own restaurant" but ones that "own their own nationally acclaimed restaurants." (I can brag because I am not related, only a very proud friend.) One of these guys, Pano, is one of Greg's friends from way back in the day... pre-puberty back in the day. Pano happens to be the guy that Greg worked for all winter in Atlanta opening a new French restaurant, Bistro Niko.

Anyway, Pano was invited to cook at the James Beard Foundation House and he invited Greg to come up there and help. Who knows what crazy good food he is making but I sure can't wait for Greg to get home and practice his skills :)

Here is an example of a typical picture I get from Greg when he is all hyped up about cooking and food...

I can't tell you if this is something they are doing for this dinner but I do recall some story of a pig from the Atlanta trip. Boys will be boys.

A picture of the men at work. Wait, why is Greg standing around? Oh, he is watching the zen master.

Good luck to Pano and boys!

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