Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Quick and Dirty WI update

Last I left off.... Minn Fixed Gear. I had a couple days off and traveled to Wisconsin to participate in the Tour of America's Dairyland. What a well run race!
It's an 11 day omnium with mostly crits and a couple road races. Since I can't stay for the whole thing, I am not going for the omnium but going for wins and money!
I have some pictures to share and longer updates... but bad internet. So, I need to give the quick recap.

Day #1- Shorewood Crit. I won! Sweet! The race was active but came down to a bunch sprint and I took it long. :)

Day #2- I felt like doodoo. The heat and humidity really got to me this day and I had nothing in the tank. (I am also playing around with gluten/gluten-free foods and trying to figure the body out. It didn't work this day.) I ended up 10th but that was a struggle.

Day #3- Once again, a break got off the front and we were sprinting for 3rd. I was actually feeling great this day and sitting in good position coming into the 2nd to last turn. The girl who was keeping the speed up at the front totally popped and I didn't have time to react, got swarmed, and had no where to sprint. I was pretty bummed because I felt great and the swarm just took over. Once I got off the brakes, there was no where to sprint. We came across the line about 10 wide with no daylight in front. UGH! I finished 14th or something. I accept that as a sprinter, I totally botched this one up.

Day #4- Another crit and it was super active, fun race. I told myself I would win this one because I was so bummed about the day before. The legs felt good and I got to test them by sprinting for money (primes) mid-race. With 5-to-go, there was a big crash. It started with some girl trying to make room where there wasn't room which happened to be on my back wheel. As the first girl went down, she knocked my wheel pretty hard... it went a skipping. Luckily I didn't go down because there were a couple bad injuries. But, my wheel was knocked and not right. I was within the "no-free-lap" period and had to ride it out. Every time I stood up, I felt like my wheel was going for side to side. I was scared... yes, I said it, scared. So, I had to ride the sprint in and not sprint myself unfortunately. Just unlucky and that is bike racing! I still finished in the money but didn't win it and I wanted that one.

Day #5- Road Race, 50 miles on a hilly Road America course. The racing dynamics were fun this day. A big break got away which included several of the teams but none of the "big teams" like Vera Bradley, TTI, Kenda, etc. So, we raced super aggressive to bring it back but nothing worked. With that many people up the road and me not caring about the omnium, I made the decision to just race hard and not sit in. I did that... wasted myself a couple times... tried to go with something at the end that didn't work... and rolled through the finish. No great results but great racing and great fitness. :)

Today is another crit. Hopefully I can get back to update the blog and post pictures tomorrow!

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Kate said...

LOVE racing w/ you in Wisconsin! :) Dinner tonight for sure!