Monday, June 27, 2011

Transition Time

I played high school basketball and follow college basketball to this day. (The only NBA team(s) I follow are ones in the playoffs. The only ones I cheer for is the one that I may happen to know someone who plays or coaches for them.)

One of my best contributions to my team was my transition. Whether going from defensive to offensive or visa versa, I was always quick and reliable.

Same situation yesterday. Quick and reliable.

I went from racer... finishing up the 11 day TOAD to coach... picking up the first junior at the IND airport last night at 11:30 to kick off a junior Team Pursuit camp here at Major Taylor Velodrome. Quick and reliable.

I had doubts I would somehow make the 9:00 flight from Milwaukee to Indianapolis after our race ended at 4:30 in Madison. There was the award ceremony, the packing of the bikes, the speeding through construction zones, the quick stop for junk food at the undisclosed location off I-94, the meeting of the host family who brought us our bike boxes at the airport, the 1.5 hour drive, etc.

Made it. We checked into the dorm at Marian University last night about 12:30.

I now put on a different kind of "hat" this week and it will be a fun one.

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