Sunday, October 2, 2011

Lucky Me!

I'm sitting here in my hotel room and taking account of equipment. As I start the track season, I am just assuring I have everything in place. Bike, check. Wheels, check. New tires, hmm. New aero bars, need adjusting. SRM, when is the last time I had it serviced? You get the picture.

It's a good time to take a moment and thank the sponsors who make this all happen.

Felt Bicycles. Hot damn. The best! Not only are they completely supportive of Team Exergy TWENTY12 on the road providing road bikes and TT bikes but they have stepped up to support us on the track too. I ride the ZW on the road which is optimized to fit women and a DA TT bike which always makes me feel uber fast. On the track, we train and race on the TK1. Look around, all the fast people are doing it? I sincerely want to thank a major bicycle company for caring
enough to put major bucks into designing and building some crazy nice track bikes. Not only that, but they support their athletes by coming out to races and cheering for us. That, my friends, is called support. Thank you Felt and Doug/Ty/and gang.

This summer I had the privilege of visiting Zipp's headquarters in Indianapolis. Since I have raced Zipp wheels on the track pretty much since I started racing, I was already sold on the fact that, for whatever reason, I really like their wheels. But, after the visit and learning about the research, human time, and quality materials that go into making Zipp wheels (right here in the USA!), I understand why they are the best. The facts are secret and I signed something very official that said they would own my first born if I told their secrets. So there.

I am privileged to ride too many wheels to list. 101s, 303s, 404s, 808s, 900, sub-9, super-9. Ya, exactly! We also use all the Service Course bars, stems, seatposts. Lucky me!

Putting in all in action!


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