Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Take 1

The last day before the big work begins...

So far, I have done a much better job embracing LA. I can't really count the number of nights I spent in this city last winter but I trust it was more then I spent at home. I fought it, cursed it, damned it, etc.

This year has been easier so far. Maybe it's because we are staying in a nicer hotel, one that provides us all with a little personal space. Maybe it's because I know my way around without having to Mapquest my first step out of the door. Maybe it's because I started spending more time in little pockets of heaven like Manhattan Beach. Maybe it's because I swore I would make a life for myself here and not just make it ALL bikes. Any way you look at it, I am not dreading spending most of the winter here... only wish I could bring Greg and Elke!

Thanks to my friend Adam, we got tickets to watch the Chivas play at the Home Depot Center. I love watching soccer!
And so it begins... the bikes from a bunch of USA Cycling athletes await the hard work we all have ahead of us. Bring on the pain because I am ready for the gains!

LA Team Pursuit Camp, Take 1.

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