Friday, June 8, 2012

Aspen Invitational

A Bike Ride for Africa.

I have never asked for money from anyone for my bike racing career.  This is a first.  But, wait... this money has nothing to do with me.  This money is for bicycles for children and families in Africa.  Please click HERE and donate.

For several months now, I have been working steadily on helping to organize and promote the Aspen Invitational that will take place on July 21st.  Our goal with this event is to raise $300k that goes directly towards bikes in Africa.

If you want to become more involved with this event, please contact me directly- runcari "at"

We are currently looking for housing for a couple volunteers.  Ideally, we could find a vacation home someone owns and could donate for the weekend.  Is that you?  Someone you know?

Here are some photos taken in Aspen on a scouting ride that Greg and I took a couple months ago.

Change a life!  Donate.

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