Saturday, June 2, 2012

Month of May

Started training again at the beginning of May and it's been non-stop racing since.  In mid-May I did 11 races in 16 days of all different disciplines.  Road, Crit, Track, TT.  Learning how to TT has been a new passion of mine! Next up, going to learn how to race in the dirt- short track and cross :)

Went to St. Louis for 3 days of racing during the second week of May.  Raced in my favorite local race Superior Morgul Classic- 3 day Omnium style which includes a TT, RR, and Crit.  I got down to the velodrome in Colorado Springs to get some early season track work in the legs.  All the while I had a weekly TT series.  The results for all these races were pretty good considering I was coming off my break and just raced myself into shape.

Although I am sitting in a hotel room in Chicago as I write this, it has been refreshing being back in Boulder for most of May.  Ahh!  Where does the time go?  That month flew by.

A picture of some friends that joined me on one of my rides in Boulder and blocked my path.

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