Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ride Rock Hill

Well, we arrived in fashion. 5 bikes, 12 wheels, and lots of other "stuff" that was either shipped or flown.  Our hosts didn't know that we would take over their garage.

The new velodrome in Rock Hill, SC is such a beautiful facility.  Owned, built, and operated by the city of Rock Hill.  We were told that they have around 410 people that have taken the certification classes in just the couple months they have been open.
 I guess they will be building a YMCA next door- talk about grass roots cycling!  Oh, and, there will be retail shops and restaurants  that will have patios that overlook the backside of the track.  Cool!
 After flying into ATL late on Monday night, driving to CLT super early on Tuesday morning, we arrived at the velodrome to build bikes and take a spin.  Greg is working overtime this week as husband, chef, mechanic, and bike racer.  Yes!  He is racing too.
 This is a shot of Greg on the home straight.  Thanks to Giordana for sponsoring this velodrome... and Greg's team Rocky Mounts/IZZE!
 How lucky are we?  Our hosts this week happen to be our great friends- Stratos, Margarita, Christiana, and Dino.  We have known Stratos for years and he was the chef at our wedding.  He now owns 5 restaurants in Charlotte that happen to be delicious!
So, Tuesday we were exhausted but managed to 1-drive to CLT, 2- build bikes, 3- ride the velodrome, 4- get settled at host house, 5- build more bikes/wheels, 6- eat at Ilios Noche, and 7-fall asleep quickly!

Wednesday we had an early track training session and then headed up to Lake Norman to celebrate Greg's dad's birthday with him.  Home cooked meal on the lake with Rosemary and Vennie... and cake... yes please!  We also managed to avoid getting mugged when I accidentally stopped in the hood for gas on the way home. I need to remind myself that I have left the bubble of Boulder and need to be slightly more aware of my surroundings.  :)

Today has been chill since we needed to catch up on sleep.  After meeting one of my favorite non-Exergy juniors (Addy Albershardt) for coffee, we will head to Giordana HQ to say hi to some folks, pick up Mark Tyson (our coach for the weekend) at the airport, we will have another awesome dinner at Ilios Noche tonight and we will be ready to go fast tomorrow!

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