Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Going for more...

Rock Hill was a blast!  Ok, winning another National Championship jersey has to be fun but to do it 1) on a new track with the friendliest/most excited staff of volunteers, 2) back in the Dirty South, 3) in front of my family and Greg's family, 4) along side of Greg racing the Master's category where he rocked a solid silver medal, and 5) staying with our close friends Stratos, Margarita, and their sweet kids... pure goodness!

I got some pictures in hand since it's way more fun to review racing in pictures.

Time to get serious!
Greg, not as serious but racing hard all the same.
Wow, the pain faces in this picture.
Yelling a bit of encouragement to Greg as he won the 4k IP!
Ok, that is a better pain face.  This might have been the 37th time he attacked in the Scratch race.
Pursuit.  It wasn't as painful as it should have been.  
Great racing to all the women!
Greg's podium for the Master's Omnium.

Happy couple :)
 So, for those who are confused here are some definitions:

Omnium- 6 different races over 2 days of all different styles and distances.  The winner has the best cumulative placing essentially.  Kind of like the decathlon in track and field.

Master's- Ages 35+.  Old but strong.

Pain Face- when you no longer care.

And, now, I leave for the "other" Nationals which is all the individual events over the course of 4 days. I still race every day and sometimes twice a day.  For me, it's like an extended Omnium because I am not focused on any single event.  I kind of like being really good at all of them and the master of none. :) But, that doesn't mean I won't try my hardest to bring home a couple more jerseys!

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