Saturday, September 29, 2012


My first team was America's Dairyland which was sponsored by the Milk Marketing Board.  We learned all about chocolate milk for recovery and got to wear cow uniforms.

Back in the day- my pink cow kit.  Ahh, memories!

When Greg and I moved to Colorado, we learned that local dairy farms in the area actually still deliver milk.  Once a week our glass bottles are delivered and every week it's a treat.  In irony, that same local dairy farm we have been using asked me to take part in a campaign they are starting for healthy and active living.  Check out the link here and the pictures below... 

Another fun and local media thing.... During the Pro Challenge (a major "tour" style race in Colorado for Men's World Pro Tour teams), a local restaurant named pizza's after Boulder pro cyclists.  I made the menu!  The only female and way down there at the bottom but cool all the same.  I hope some of my friends ordered and enjoyed!

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