Wednesday, February 11, 2009


This week I am in Fairfax, CA which is in Marin County outside of San Francisco.  I learned not to call it San Fran by the way.  The locals hate that.
I came out here to kick off the road season and do some team stuff.  PROMAN is a Marin based team and all the girls (I am the exception) are California girls.

Saturday we raced the local season opener- Cherry Pie Crit.  You could say it was a good day for us... check it out here.    It was amazing how big the race scene is here.  I thought Boulder had a good thing going but I was shocked to learn that NorCal cycling scene is HUGE!  There were tons of photographers, a videographer, a million spectators, etc.  FUN!

Rachel attacking the 4 women break... again and again.  She helped Megan secure the win!  Megan was 1st, Rachel was 4th, and I was 5th (field sprint).
Monday I spent the day at Whole Athlete.  Dario, the owner, did the super bike fit for me.  Oh, did I mention the NEW BMC?  You could say that I love it but that is a slight understatement.  There will be plenty more blogs about this bike because it is my new best friend.  Anyway, Dario also spent lots of time with me doing a Maximum Stead State (MSS) test.  Basically, this is a power test.  Training with power vs. heart rate seems to be a more effective way to train and this testing helped me learn my zones for training (both power and heart rate).

Dario getting Megan situated during her bike fit.
Yesterday, Rachel Lloyd (cyclocross superstar) went on a great road ride.  I slightly regretted having my 23 cassette on my bike when I realized that we needed to climb over a mountain to reach west Marin.  It was worth it though... beautiful!  We rode towards Point Reyes.  No pictures from the ride but just imagine rolling green hills.

All in all, it is great being out here to meet all of the team and all of the team supporters.  These women have done such a great job of building a local network .  This year, our licenses read PROMAN Hit Squad and I like to think we also have a PROMAN Support Squad.  Without this Support Squad this team would not be the same.

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